Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Got Distracted

I got distracted by life and my other hobby for a little while and I also got a little discouraged. My beloved husband worked very hard and we converted the smallest bedroom in the house from a baby room to a new studio. Gone is the orange trim and grey walls. Now I have just off white walls, brown trim and floor and a new ceiling light fixture.

I also purchased more pastels and a decent easel.

I started and stopped two paintings.

One features my old, grumpy cat, Misty laying on a blanket on the bedroom floor in a sunbeam. The composition is strong which is what drew me to the photo and sketch. But I just can't seem to interpret the shapes correctly in pastel. So I finally put it aside.

Then I tried a pastel painting of my mom from a photo. The drawing was off again, and then I scrubbed out too often and I got mud. So that one was set aside.

Then there was a deadline on my weaving that had been ignored while I worked on the studio and tackled these two paintings.

There was a trip to Pennsylvania to visit my mother-in-law and finally a week at work that just would not let me relax.

But I'm hoping to do a little something later this week. I suspect part of the problem with the cat and mom is that I was working too big for my skill level...