Monday, February 4, 2013

Fall Fiber Festival Drawing

I attended the Fall Fiber Festival in Montpelier Station, Virginia last October.

Fiber is my other passion and I try to attend the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in May and the Fall Fiber Festival later in the year.

This year, at one point, I turned and looked down the "concourse" just in time to capture a few of the attendees, doing all the various things attendees do. I snapped a photo, then put my camera away. Just one picture.

I got home and looked at it and just knew it was supposed to be a drawing or painting. It was just too cool (at least in my mind). I tackled it in colored pencil. It seems a little flat to me somehow, but I'm not very good yet with colored pencil. I may try it again in pastel on a large scale and see how it differs.

Here is the drawing in process:
Here it is completed:

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